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All the MV8 Football Academy players have the opportunity to train, play and compete in an official League.

The football clubs that collaborate with the MV8 Football Academy are AD Nervión, Triana CF and CD Montequinto.

AD Nervion is a club with an enviable reputation of creating professional players. Over the years, many players from AD Nervion have progressed to professional clubs such as Sevilla, Betis Seville, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Cadiz and Recreativo de Huelva. The AD Nervion 1st team competes in the Primera Andaluz and it is considered the best football club academy in the city after Sevilla and Betis Sevilla.

Triana CF was formed in 1917 and are currently competing in group I of Segunda Andaluza.

The Club Deportivo Montequinto began back in 1977, after creation of the neighborhood, thanks to the enthusiasm of a group of neighbors.

A D Nervion Football Club

AD Nervion

Triana CF

Triana CF


CD Montequinto

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