“In a crucial time of my young football career, coach Massimo taught me an important lesson: Don’t get too overwhelmed when you play very well and scoring goals and don’t get pessimistic and negative when you had a bad game and people start to criticise you. Always rely on your hard work. He always was pushing me to do extra work to consistently improve my fundamentals. All that helped me believe and have faith in myself, and over time I managed to get the right mentality and consistency to become a professional player”

Sory Kaba / Guinea National Team, FC Midtjylland and MV8 Academy Ambassador

“Being able to train with Massimo was a great pleasure. He is a very close coach who loves what he does and, above all, he is a great professional who transmits a lot of football. On a personal level, he made me grow and improve in all aspects, both personally and professionally, in one of the most important periods of my learning. I have two words engraved in mind that Massimo repeated to me a lot. He told me that, based on them, I would achieve my goals: WORK and PERSEVERANCE.”

Bogdan Milovanov / U21s Ukraine, Sporting de Gijón

“Being at MV8 Football Academy for two years helped me grow as a player and as a person. Coach Massimo and the MV8 staff always helped me achieve goals that could help me as a player and, training day by day, becoming constructively obsessed with the game. He really helped me evolve as a player and as a person.”

Luis Almeida / C.F. Fuenlabrada, Spain

“I spent two years under coach Massimo and I learned a lot. He is very passionate and he obsessively loves the game and he transmits it to the players. Coach Massimo made me realise the importance of having the right mindset to develop the best mental approach possible to both training and games.”

Emile Waita / former F.C. Elche, C.D. Quintanar del Rey

“I have worked with Coach Massimo since the age of 10 in both a team and one to one environment. As well as his elite knowledge of tactical and technical training it is his mentality and passion which sets him apart from other coaches. He created and showed me the mentality and commitment which I needed to achieve my dream of playing professional football.”

Charles Vernam / former Derby County F.C., Grimsby Town F.C.

“I am hugely grateful for what Massimo has done for me. I remember coming to Spain for the first time as a young and inexperienced 16 year old boy. He has helped shape me into who I am today, always preaching his methodology and his positivity not just on the field but off it too. MV8 is a top academy and I wish it all the success in the future.”

Isham Pandita / former Leganes, Lorca F.C.