Registration open for the new season 2016 – 2017

Since we started our journey in September 2015, our main focus has always been to allow all the players to live and play as professional players. We want every player to concentrate all his energy on his goal.

There have been many guest coaches in MV8 Academy, from UK, Italy, Denmark, Spain, etc, including ex professional and current pro footballers, and they shared their experience with MV8 boys, who had the chance to learn and get inspired by players with a long football career.

The MV8 players are able to enjoy the University Residence, that has all the necessary facilities for a modern lifestyle, including swimming pool, a new gym, a new tennis court and WiFi in all areas. They live in the residence during the season and share their everyday life, studying and group meetings, promoting coexistence and fellowship of the players.

[fusion_text]All the players are also able to enjoy every morning training in the fantastic facilities of Pablo de Olavide University, which is located at 10 minutes walking distance from the residence. These facilities are te result of a very recent construction, including changing rooms, full size football pitches, futsal pitch, 1:5 a side indoor pitch, a full equipped gym and video room for game analysis.

Joining our Academy, enables all our students to learn and develop their technical, tactical,  psychological and physical performance through training sessions, specifically designed and prepared to optimise the growth of our players, and make them attractive to the world of professional football.

Our methodology is based on letting all the players express and unlock their potential. At the MV8 Academy, we believe in personal development, each player is guided towards specific football session, supported by weekly motivated videos and mentoring on a one to one basis. We find that over many years of experience, the players improve and evolve in a more effective and quicker way.

Moreover, thanks to several partnerships with pro level and the collaboration with many nacional experts, all the players are given the opportunity to stand out in the local football scene, being able to turn into reality their dream of being professional footballers.

What the players say about us:

Julian V, aged 17 – England:

“ I’m excited because I learn a lots of new things every day. I have never been with a team with so much intensity and effort as from the coach ‘Massimo’ . There is everything I need to reach my goal. For me, as a player, I believe I have grown. Technically I have improved from my first touch, shoot… Every week/day I feel I am improving overall.”

Khojiakbar, aged 19 – Uzbekistan:

“With MV8 Academy and the head coach, I have achieved the value of waking up early, working hard, and to always trust myself. Training sessions are at the maximum level, the enthusiasm we show is amazing. Always, the sessions have different variations, which make it more fun. It is very nice to live with boys that are from another part of the world, we learn about each other cultures, and we can see that everywhere, there are people who want to play professional football, and that is also an extra motivation for us to work harder.”

Sibi, aged 16 – India:

“The intensity of the training sessions made me develop my technical and physical skills. The life in the residence it’s so nice and confortable, and living with the other foreign students helps you to learn Spanish and socialise with people.”

Julian L.  aged 19 – England:

“I have chosen MV8 Academy because I have been training with Massimo for 2 years and believe in his philosophy and in the way he works. I also know that being here I have and will improve a lot as a person and as a footballer. Also, technically and physically I have improved a huge amount. A great atmosphere and energy are created during the sessions and everyone works well together.”

Josue, aged 17 – France:

“In MV8 Academy, I improved my passing, my game, my technical skills, the vision and the positioning. The coaches are great and I appreciate every training session, I try to get on board everything that would help me to improve my skills.”

Jerry, aged 18 –  USA:

“An experience of a lifetime. I got to play with great players and made new friends. The MV8 sessions focus on teamwork, possession, passing, and receiving with a top-flight coach. The coach also taught me new drills to take back home to help me improve. He was very supportive and straightforward. I learned what it takes to become a professional.”