Reasons to choose MV8 Football Academy


We believe that having a professional attitude, both on and off the pitch, will speed up the learning and development process of the players. MV8 have created the perfect football environment for players to focus and experience the atmosphere of a professional football academy. Creating a culture of excellence is what we strive for every day.

International Coaching Experience

The MV8 method is based on more than 15 years experience of coaching in many different countries, including Italy, England, Ireland, Russia and Spain. Each country has their own football culture, philosophy and beliefs and we have worked very hard to combine the key points of each football methodology. From these experiences, we have created the MV8 method.

Man Management

In todays football, good man management skills are crucial. At MV8 we aim to manage the players in a way that will motivate, inspire, and engage new ideas which allows them to strengthen their self esteem and confidence. We believe these 2 qualities are critical aspects of a players development.

Positional training and individual coaching

In the last 15 years, football has changed massively. With more games, more training, more technology and more demand, there is more pressure to perform. We believe that supporting and coaching the player individually enhances how they absorb information. It will also help to give players a fuller attention to detail and to interact more easily with fellow players.

Quality Facilities

The Mv8 Football Academy uses top class facilities to enhance any players footballing excellence. They include 3 full size outdoor 3G pitches and an indoor 5 a side futsal pitch. There is also a swimming pool to help players relax after training sessions and the residence has a small gym for players to keep up their fitness levels during days off from training.


We provide monthly mentoring on a one to one basis, which is used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each player, helping them to overcome the mental limitations that can slow their evolution. The main objectives are to work on their mindset and all round mental approach to training and games.

Spanish Culture and Learning a new Language

It can be very challenging for players to immerse themselves in a new reality but we are confident they will enjoy the process. Learning a new language benefits their personal and professional development.

Location and Climate
Seville offers mild weather conditions all year around. From a training point of view, this benefits the quality of the sessions allowing players to work on their skills in a more effective way. Because of the good weather, players are able to spend more time outside enjoying the lifestyle and activities that are on offer.